Cash Only Medical Services

$119 per visit for:
  • Any illness or any injury evaluation and treatment
  • Includes all procedures performed in the clinic: Strep, urinalysis, x-ray, medications, etc.
  • If IV fluid or IV medication therapy is given or if Orthoglass splinting is applied, additional $80 is due at the end of the service.
$199 per visit for:
  • Laceration repair, I&D abscess, any nail repair, any minor surgical procedure
  • Corneal foreign body removal
  • Splinting of sprain or fracture
  • Any illness or procedure visit that needs IV fluid or IV medication therapy
$70 per follow-up visit for:
  • Follow up of the same problem within 7 days – either instructed to follow up or for follow up due to failure to improve.
  • Follow up of fracture care for: re-xray, cast application, cast removal. $70 each time.
  • Follow up of sprain if not better or if radiologist calls a fracture.
  • Follow up of abscess, cellulitis, laceration repair needing IV or IM antibiotic.

Payment must be made at the time of service. Includes all procedures and treatment performed in After Hours Medical facilities. Any sent out labs or xray for reading will be at additional charges, but at discounted prices.