Our Comprehensive Services

8 Utah Locations, 7 Days A Week

• Spacious clinics in a warm, inviting atmosphere with friendly staff
• Walk-ins for Urgent Care services, Appointments for Primary Care services
• Open 363 days a year, including major holidays, except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day
• All locations equipped with laboratory and digital x-ray system

Primary Care Medicine

• Annual physical exam
• Longterm medical care: Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma
• Health maintenance
• Physicals: Scout, School, Sports, Pre-employment
• Urgent Care Medicine

Acute Illnesses:

• Cough, sore throat, fever
• Sinus infection, ear infection
• Asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, allergy treatment
• Kidney and bladder infection
• Skin infection, cellulitis, abscess

Acute Injuries:

• Sprain, laceration, broken bone
• Auto accidents, work injuries, sports injuries


• Abdominal pain, chest pain, back pain
• Any non-life threatening medical issues

Occupational Medicine

• Work injuries
• Urine drug screening
• Pre-employment physicals


• Scout & sports physicals
• Missionary physicals

Procedures, Tests & Treatments

• Rapid Strep Test, Mono Test, Influenza Test
• X-ray, EKG, breathing treatment (nebulizer therapy)
• IM and IV medications, IV fluid therapy
• Laceration repair (suturing), draining abscess, skin procedures
• Orthoglass splinting, casting broken bones

Services Not Provided

• Chronic pain management
• Long-term treatment with controlled medications
• Substance addiction and withdrawal
• Advanced psychiatric problems