Medallus Medical Membership, A Perfect Program to Reduce Your Out-of-Pocket Costs

(The Medallus Medical Membership Program is NOT a Health Insurance Policy)

Corporate & Family Medical Membership

Medallus Medical Logo Tagline White Medallus Medical Membership is not a health insurance plan. It is a clinic membership program designed to provide medical care at a discounted flat rate of $10 per visit at 7 clinics along the Wasatch Front. The program helps reduce your out-of-pocket costs when used alone or in conjunction with a high deductible health insurance plan that is provided through your work place or obtained individually. If your health insurance is through your work place, your employer may wish to add Medallus Medical Membership as a supplement to help reduce medical care costs, lower insurance premiums, minimize insurance claims, and keep the group healthy. TO SIGN UP ON LINE AND BECOME A MEMBER, click here.

Membership Benefits

• Free 24-Hour TeleMed, exclusively for members, no charge for each call • $10/ Visit, including in-clinic tests, x-rays, and treatments without extra charges • Unlimited Visits for Primary Care and Urgent Care Services • $25/Month/Person (for 3 or more in a group) • “Near-site” and “Near-home” clinics at 7 Convenient Clinic Locations • Keeps you, your family, and your employees out of costly emergency rooms and hospitals

Cost-Saving Strategy

The table below demonstrates an example of how switching to a higher deductible insurance plan can achieve savings on insurance premiums. A portion of these savings is applied toward Medallus Medical Membership fee, which allows unlimited urgent care and primary care services at $10 per visit. The higher deductible insurance plan is then reserved for use only in cases of unexpected major medical needs. Our goal is to keep our members healthy for less and avoid expensive emergency rooms and hospitals.

Current SituationCost-Savings Strategy
Health Insurance Plan AloneHigher Deductible Insurance Plan in Conjunction with Medallus Medical Membership
$1,000/$2,000 Deductible Ins. Plan$5,000/$10,000 Deductible Ins. PlanMedallus Medical Membership
Monthly Premium$700/family*$400/family*$25/person (3 or more),($45 if only one person)$100 (maximum)/family
$100 (maximum)/familyFee for 1 Visit$120**use membership$10***
Annual Premium$8,400$4,800$300/person, $1,200/family
Fee for 4 Visits/Yr$480use membership$40
Total Annual Cost$8,880$6,040
Annual Savings$2,840 (32% savings)

*Actual rate from ** Average cost of a doctor visit *** Cost of each member visit

Important Information

Membership Account Setup

• For Individual/Family membership, call Tammy in Membership Department at , extension 2 or email [email protected] • For Corporate membership/on-site presentation, call Kevin Jenson at .

To find the right cost-saving health insurance plan:

• For Individual/Family health plan, call Nathan Peterson at BIG Benefits, , ext 1014 or [email protected] • For Corporate/Group health plan, call Nathan Peterson at BIG Benefits, , ext 1014 or [email protected] Why stay with your current $1,000-deductible health insurance plan? • You would have to go to the doctor almost 10 times per year before your health insurance starts paying for your medical care, which likely may not happen. • Out of-pocket expenses created by the deductible requirement may make you hesitate to visit your doctor to stay healthy, risking the chance of incurring major medical expenses. • The insurance premium is paid away at a higher rate.

Why not change to a higher deductible health insurance plan?

• The insurance premium is paid away at a lower rate. • At that point, your lower premium results in savings – a portion of which may be used to pay for your membership fee while the remaining is placed in a HSA account to cover future balances from the deductible requirement. • As a member of Medallus Medical Membership, you pay just $10 per visit for unlimited basic medical care access to keep you healthy and avoid incurring medical expenses through your insurance plan, which can increase your insurance premium annually.

Membership Fees

• $25/month/person – for family or group of 3 or more • $35/month/person – for family or group of 2 • $45/month/person – for a single person • $40/person registration fee • All membership accounts are one-year contracts Automatic withdrawal from credit card or debit card required

Services Not Included

• Chronic pain management • Long-term treatment with controlled medications • Substance addiction and withdrawal • Psychiatric problems • Ambulance, ERs, and hospitals • Outside services performed at other facilities