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Take A Peek At A Few After Hours Medical Customer Reviews

Read through the After Hours Medical customer reviews from our satisfied and happy patients, and don’t forget to leave one yourself!

Thank you AF

Feb 13, 2014 by Katie

Thank you American Fork clinic for the care you gave my daughter! We felt well taken care of and I was impressed at how kind everybody was to both me and my daughter. I will be coming back.

Thank you AF

Feb 13, 2014 by Katie

Thank you American Fork clinic for the care you gave my daughter! We felt well taken care of and I was impressed at how kind everybody was to both me and my daughter. I will be coming back.

Recent Visit

Feb 10, 2014 by Susan Turpen

Visited your American Fork facility last Friday for the first time after seeing the Thurl Bailey interview on TV. Genius idea!! Tiffany Rees assisted me with my medical problem, efficient, personable and I felt very comfortable with her care. Love this concept and will tell my friends for sure. When I need a medical visit you can be sure I will be back. Good job!!

Loved it

Feb 01, 2014 by Brandee

By a friends recommendation came to the Holladay location today and was impressed, the office was clean, classy and friendly. The complete opposite of most after hours/urgent care facilities. I finally found something that works for me, someone who is rarely sick and has no health issues. For $80 something, which included the breathing treatment, a med and chest X-rays and about $13 for the prescriptions I was seen in a professional and timely manner. The membership was $45, enrollment fee was $40 and copay $10. This was affordable today and for future visits as well. I wish I would have known about this sooner and a highly recommend

Thank you!

Jan 30, 2014 by Wendy

I have a membership at After Hours Medical and it makes it so easy to get medical care and each visit only costs $10! I was recently seen at the Draper clinic because of a injured toe. They were able to x-ray my toe and treat my injury right there in the clinic and everyone was so nice and caring. Dr Rachot is doing something about our healthcare situation and by developing this membership program he is making it so I never hesitate to get medical care… I can take my family in at the beginning of their illness rather than waiting for them to get sicker since it is only $10 each time we go in. Thank you Dr Rachot!

Jan 30, 2014 by Wendy

I have a membership at After Hours Medical and it makes it so easy and affordable for me and my family to see a medical provider whenever we need medical care. I recently had to go to the Draper clinic to have my big to x-rayed after I stubbed it. It was quick and easy and only cost $10!! Everyone was so nice and I felt like they really cared…thanks guys! I never hesitate to go in to be checked out early, before I get really sick, now that I have the membership. Dr Rachot has the right idea about how we can fix our healthcare situation and his membership program is a big part of the solution! Thanks for keeping my family healthy!

Great Service

Jan 16, 2014 by Jill Oveson

I’ve been bringing my family to the AF office for a few years and this month decided to become a member as a great solution to high health insurance costs. I’ve always been greeted and helped by friendly, knowledgable and professional staff members. I recently used the prescription card you offer and went from paying $140.00 for a generic script to $12.00 just for having your prescription cards! Thank you for your great service and amazing membership program!

Wonderful People

Jan 12, 2014 by Annie

I was so sick when I came in and EVERY employee from the front desk to the MA to the physician were wonderful and treated me with great care. I would never hesitate to recommend them to anyone I know who is sick.

Jan 02, 2014 by Ambur Meyers

Went to the South Jordan location very sick. The staff was Amazing!!! Dr Lawernce took very good care of me. After Hours Medical really does care about their patients.

Excellant Care

Dec 19, 2013 by Peter

I was not felling well when I went to After Hours, I was suffering from a cold for a week. I greeted by Samantha, and she showed concern as to how I was feeling. The admission was quick and the staff was very pleasant. The doctor was very concerned with my condition and provided me with excellent care, he also told me to contact him if I have any concerns or if my condition gets worse. I will recommend After Hours to everyone.

Thanks for the amazing care!

Oct 29, 2013 by stephanie

the office staff and doctor were amazing and helpful. they treated me with great respect and made me feel comfortable. while waiting for due to receiving a shot, they talked and joked around like we were all friends. Everyone was so nice, I will for sure recommend and return there if needed. Thanks for the great help, and thanks for getting me in, seen and out in a very reasonable time. Holladay office is great!

Jun 18, 2013 by Anonymous

The people at your clinic there were awesome! You have great customer service and do not compare to any clinic in South Beach, FL. It has been a very long time since I have that level of care and you all deserve a raise!

Thanks again

Jun 12, 2013 by Annette

Dear Dr. Beck –
On March 19th, you saw me for my secondary bacterial infection that might settle into my new hip arthroplasty. I had a long standing cough etc for about 4+ weeks. Your diagnosis must have been a good one because the antibiotic plus after meds clearly made me better, I feel great. Thanks again, A grateful patient. (and thanks for hurrying to get me to my temple shift.)

May 20, 2013 by Diana

Wonderful staff. Corey Newman, PA

May 13, 2013 by Jenny

Thank you so much for the great service. I was seen very quickly and everyone was well versed in their jobs. They were kind and understanding. I will be coming back!

May 02, 2013 by Merjema

Thank you guys for taking care of me and making me all better. The kind of patient care I received was unexpected and rare to come by. Every single person in that office had a smile on their face and looked like they truly enjoy helping people. Again, Thank You!

Apr 09, 2013 by Phillip

I was happy with the treatment today. Dr. Stone was helpful and efficient with his work answered all my questions! Cindy is always very kind and smiling. Cindy Clyde is easy to get along with is does her best to be accomadating to my needs. Thank you After Hours Medical Urgent Care!

Apr 09, 2013 by Larissa

The staff was very friendly and helpful. Even though the wait was long, it was pleasant. Our questions were answered well, and everyone was kind. It’s not where we planned on spending our Saturday, but thanks for making it tolerable.

Apr 01, 2013 by Cathy

Everyone here has been so helpful. I appreciate so much the availability of good health care at affordable rates. I will tell others so be prepared to build another one here in the south end of utah county.

Apr 01, 2013 by Gianna

Thank you so much for being so quick and friendly, especially on Easter! Your office has provided excellent service. You are all wonderful!

Mar 25, 2013 by Anonymous

I’m a satisfied patient of After Hours Medical. I wanted to give Meg and Steve a recommendation for helping me out. They were very kind and amazing on 3/13/13 from 8:00-8:30pm. I say they deserve a great notice on how well they work and how great they are with people, and if possible, you guys should give them a raise because they truly deserve it. So I’ll definitely be back when I’m sick. Thank you.

Nov 15, 2012 by Leona

I am amazed at the quality help that I have beed given by Jamie in Membership. When I talk with her about my membership, whether it is about past billing or current billing issues she has always gone above and beyond to help me resolve any of my problems. She has a way at making a person feel on top of the world…Kudos to you Jamie, I will definitely recommend anyone who needs help to contact you…Thanks for all you have done!

Oct 06, 2012 by Jen

So slow! They need to staff this location better. Only reason we came here today is because it’s the weekend, otherwise we’d go someplace else. Seriously, it’ s been an hour and haven’t even been seen!

The future of excellent medicine

Sep 09, 2012 by Michael Welker

Emergencies are not always convenient. My son required stitches, and we arrived at the Urgent Care center at closing time late on a Saturday evening. The staff was so friendly and caring and really went the extra mile! The care was excellent, prompt, and so appreciated.

When I learned about the details of their membership program, I was really impressed. The big insurance companies could really learn many lessons from this model, and families that can participate could so greatly benefit. I am so grateful for the convenience, care and talents that After Hours Medical brings to the profession. Many thanks!!

Great service and greater news!

Aug 23, 2012 by Jon

Last night I went to the South Jordan clinic with my wife for a pregnancy test. Sully was very kind and peaceful to be around. Corey Newman was also very kind. He listened intently and we felt like he really cared about us. He gave us some good news as well…she’s pregnant! He gave us some great tips and went the extra mile to give us some samples of prenatal vitamins and pregnancy tips. It was a pleasant experience and we would just like both of them to know that we are very thankful for the manner in which they treated us.

Jun 20, 2012 by Linda Brown

Thank you Megan, for treating me for strep throat. Thank you for swabbing 3 other family members (and finding them negative.) Your concern was comforting and as out of towners we would recommend this clinic to anyone in need of after hour help. Thanks A++++


May 20, 2012 by Mischelle Hollister

So much more pleasant than the ER on a Saturday night. Thanks for taking care of me & my broken wrist.

Amazing place!!!

Apr 10, 2012 by sammyhills

I love After Hours! Brand new facilities, fast and realy friendly doctors and staff. Dr. Rachot was very personable and great to my family. The prices are very fair and the service can’t be matched.

I would take in family and friends anytime.

We are looking at their membership program and have heard wonderful feedback from our friends who are already receiving care cis this really affordable program. I can’t find any deal that beats this program.

I think I like going to the Doctors now!

Apr 05, 2012 by John Pananos Jr.

Great staff from beginning to end! Fast service and very friendly people. Can I make this my family Dr.s Office? 🙂

Mar 06, 2012 by Joseph

The care was excellent, however the receptionist would not take PHEP when this website said that it does.

Mar 03, 2012 by Robert K

While visiting SLC from out of town, my mother required medical attention for her eyes. She was able to be seen ahead of time and was very satisfied with her care, especially when the Dr contacted a specialist to see if additional attention was required. She was also given a summary of her treatment that she could bring back to her Dr. Thank you so much for taking care of my mother !

Jan 23, 2012 by Tabby

5 STARS! Dr and staff were so caring and knowledgeable. I’m on the membership plan so it only cost $10 to be treated and we were seen immediately! I am so grateful for After Hours Medical….THANK YOU!!!

Excellent, quick, and thorough service.

Jan 22, 2012 by JimL

Arrived at 8:00 p.m. on 1/21/2012 and was greeted quickly and politely by the front desk receptionist. The PA on duty, Garth Reid, was excellent at making us, especially my daugther, comfortable and at ease since going to medical facilities can be unsettling. An exam was completed, Xrays taken, and prescription written all within under an hour. I highly recommend and will return.

Jan 09, 2012 by Bryan Hamel

Fast and friendly service. The membership is the way to go.

Excellent care, personable physician, quick service

Jan 06, 2012 by Sam Johnson

While away from my home base during the holidays, I needed a physical exam at short notice. It’s hard for a physician like me, knowing what we do, to be comfortable with a new physician. Dr. Gregory Stone was knowledgeable, thorough, and made me feel at ease. The staff were very helpful. I should also mention the receptionist at the Sandy After Hours facility, who went out of her way to get me the appointment within 4 days. (Physical exams, being non-urgent, are done by appointment only.)

Thanks for taking care of my family!

Dec 09, 2011 by Billy Watson

My whole family got the flu and you guys were incredible in helping me take care of them. Thanks!

Dec 09, 2011 by Sean Burrows

Best urgent care in the State!

Comments from Internet Reviews
My son was hurt playing football and we drove straight to After Hours because we had heard they were reasonably priced for those with high deductible insurance who have to pay out of pocket. They were about to close, but brought us in and took care of us in a jiffy. We were in and out in less than an hour and that includes having my son fitted for a brace. With our insurance plan, we had to pay out of pocket and the cost was around $100, plus the brace, which we were billed for at half-off because of the brace manufacturer’s relationship with After Hours. We since have signed up on their family plan and now it’s $5 per visit. It’s a great add-on to those high-deductible plans that so many companies are moving to these days.

Excellent Care by Satisfied Customer – 09/16/2010
I have received excellent care at this clinic. They are much more thorough, caring and detail oriented than I even would have expected from an “uregent care” facility. On two occasions, I have received referrals to other doctors who found medical issues that could have been much worse had they not been preliminarily diagnosed by the After Hours Medical doctors.

**Prompt care for an emergency** – Aug 21, 2010
We walked in because my son had a huge gash in his leg from his skateboard. They helped fix it quickly and we were out of there much sooner than the ER would have done.

by Holly11/12/2009
I think this is the finest experience i’ve ever had at any “after Hours” clinic. The waiting room was full and after my experience I could see why. They are well-equipped, friendly nurses and wonderful doctors. The doctor I got, I would love to keep as my permanent dr. because he was such a good listener, very thorough and just soo helpful. I say give it a try. Call first to see what insurance they take. I can[t thank them enough and I WILL BE BACK when needed. They truly make you feel right at home.

by Mr. Sapson02/05/2009
I have been to this place 3 times. They were always nice and easy to deal with. Very happy!

GREAT SERVICE-GREAT PEOPLE by Twinkle – 09/02/2009
Wow, I went to this urgent care last night and got unbelievable service. I will go here again and recommend it to everyone.It is a clean, and caring place to go. They accept insurance. BUT…If you don’t have insurance…they will work with you. They have a great MEDICAL CARE DISCOUNT PROGRAM…It’s wonderful and I am fortunate to now be a member. After the $49 monthly fee…I saw the Dr. for $5. That’s it….and that included a lab test and a chest x-ray. I could hardly believe it. For the next month I only pay $5 to see a Dr.Here’s a shout-out to Dr. Bradley Lewis!…He was AWESOME!

Excellent Service! Caring Service! by Mary Ann – 12/20/2010
I went twice when I was having breathing problems. They were kind, professional and courteous. I was given breathing treatments and prescriptions and they worked well. I was told what to expect and it was correct. Third time I went is when my 5 yr old grandaughter almost sliced her toe off when a log fell on it. They were great, again telling what to expect, were patient and calm with her. They xrayed, cleaned, sterilized and stitched her up. This was not easy as she had shivers of wood deeply imbedded inside. She went back for rebandaging and a checkup. You would hardly know this happened. Thank you for your wonderful service and great staff. Did not have to wait. My only regret is I wish they were open even later in the evening.

Twinkle by Twinkle – 05/18/2010
Wow, I went to this urgent care on Saturday and got unbelievable service. I will go here again and recommend it to everyone. It is a clean, and caring place to go. They accept insurance. BUT…If you don’t have insurance, they have a great MEDICAL CARE DISCOUNT PROGRAM…It’s wonderful and I am fortunate to be a member. After the $49 monthly fee…I saw the Dr. for $5. That’s it…. I only pay $5 to see a Dr. I’ve now been a member of their DISCOUNT MEDICAL PROGRAM for 9 months, still only pay $49 a month and still only pay $5 a visit. This is better than insurance! I now see a physician for regular check-ups, blood work etc. I make an appointment and never wait. I get to see the same Dr. so I can build a relationship and get better health care. My thanks to AMY WHIPPLE N.P. for great personal care, and my thanks to Dr. RACHOT VACHAROTHONE for having a vision and creating this awesome service. You are an answer to prayer. May God bless you both for the wonderful service you provide.Th

Nov 28, 2010
Quick, thorough, nice and great self pay program if you don’t have insurance.

Oct 14, 2010
EXCELLENT I am a fairly new resident to Utah and last month, my little girl had pneumonia! I have had excellent experiences with Urgent Care facilities in the past; having past your South Jordan facility a number of times I brought her to your facility and we had the BEST experience! Your staff was EXCELLENT!

Sandy was Great!
Provided by YP.com
Posted by ncreer on 10/20/2010
I saw Dr. Coleman last week, he was polite, kind and knowledgeable. He helped me feel better! what a relief…Thanks Dr. Coleman!

Provided by YP.com
Posted by Bigfan67 on 09/24/2010

Wonderful place by Scared Mommy – 06/06/2010
We took our son here when he had a sprained ankle. They were very caring and quick. The doctor even called to check on him for a few days afterward.

Comments from In-Clinic Comment Cards

“Cindy was wonderful! She took such careful wonderful care of my husband’s burned hand. She spent a lot of time on him with a huge amount of patience. Thank you so much.”
“Everyone was competent and caring with fantastic beside manner. Cindy went the extra mile to cause as little pain as possible. Everyone was so great I may just go home and burn the other hand. Then again…maybe not!”
“…Cindy was also very sweet and helpful!”
“Dr. Stone was very impressive! He was kind and very thorough. He was a pleasure to work with. he took great care of my wife. Thank you”
“I was worried about the quality of care I would receive. Dr. Stone did a very good job. Because I saw him I will use this service again as needed.”
“Dr. Stone has a really good bedside manner and made me comfortable”
“I particularly appreciate the fact that this doctor took the time to educate himself with my personal history as it relates to the previous narcotic scrips. By doing so he protects not only himself but can better address my needs in a courteous and professional manner. My respect is offered!”
Dr. Lewis was very knowledgeable!”
“I have only seen Dr. Stone three times, but based off that, he is one of the greatest doctors I’ve had. He (and the staff) are very kind, knowledgeable, and informative. I’m glad I have access to Dr. Stone, and I’m grateful for the time he takes to see me and not rush me out the door (like some other doctors have). He’s the best!”

“I am here visiting from Texas and had problem breathing. This is a wonderful facility for this community. Very Professional. Thank you very much!! I am feelin better already.”

“Everyone here gave me excellent care, very concerned about me, great bedside manner.”

“My compliments on a friendly knowledgable staff – who are able to provide a very professional and efficient service to their patients. I will gladly recommend your office to friends and family.”

“I was so impressed with his ability to listen to me as a patient and offer solutions that would work for me and my situation. He was so personable with me and also so kind to my son who had to tag along to the appointment. Thanks for being genuinely interested in your patients!”

“Very clean, proficient & professional! Thank you – Thank you – Thank you!”

“Thanks to every one. So very friendly here!!”

“The doctor and nurse were very friendly & helpful with our children. The receptionist was cleaning the room and sanitizing it while we waited.”

“We like to come here because everyone is so nice + you don’t get thrown in a room and forgot about. The nurse makes you feel better.”

“I was really impressed!”

“Really impressed with the receptionist at the front desk. Professional & fast!”

“You guys have been awesome every time I have needed to be seen. I would refer you to anyone and everyone. You guys saved my life when I was diagnosed with PE.”

“I have been here several times and am very impressed.”

“Thank you for being here! The staff is great and helpful.”

Date Unknown
“We’re new to the area and stuck using Molina for insurance. I was afraid of what kind of care my kids would get at the places that take Molina. This clinic has been extremely efficient, competent and easy to use. We’ve had stitches, an EKG, X-rays, and eye infection treated here. Thank you so much.”

“PA was very professional w/ a great bedside manner. As a nurse, I was impressed by the care – sensitive + competent.”

“I have been coming to After Hours for years for care for myself + two children. I have always been pleased with doctors + staff.”

“This clinic is close to my house. The staff is great. I love the fact that they are open late. I’ve used them from stitches to uncomfortable illness. These people here are accurate, informed and helped me get well.”

“Thank you for putting the care back in Health Care. Staff was very pleasant and patient.”

“We were very impressed with the quality and efficiency of all the staff. Everyone was very nice and very thorough. All were pleasant and explained well. Thank you very much. I wish our urgent care at home was this good!!”

Date Unknown
“You guys are great!! I always feel like you take great care of me and are always mindful of my budget. So appreciated!! Thanks for everything!!!”

“Everyone was great. I felt I was cared for as a person not just an injury. I enjoy coming to this facility for everyone’s patient-side manner.”

“Everyone is so pleasant + friendly. You’re the best – very clean.”

“Loved the service here. The nurse & Dr. both were very informative, kind, and professional. I will probably drive a little further in the future to get help here. Love this doctor and his assistant. Also very happy with how quickly the receptionist too my information. I didn’t have to fill out papers or questionnaires.”

“The doctor was very personable. He was worth the wait. He explained everything in detail & also referred met o a specialist.”

Date Unknown
“We were very impressed with the service. The staff was very friendly and went out of their way to help. The doctor did not seem rushed and seemed very thorough. We will certainly come back.”